The Fontastic 2019 Rebels

I think most of us can agree that our 2019 team was a special one, but even beyond their fun personalities and exceptional playing ability, our 2019 team had one other interesting attribute in common. Most adults who work in the world observe various documents, notes or reports that contain handwriting, and in many cases that handwriting isn’t always easy to read. If it is easy to read, it still might not be particularly neat or interesting to look at. At the beginning of the season, and after new players report to the Rebels, they fill out a questionnaire for the purposes of you Rebel fans getting to know them. You all saw me post these player profiles here on the blog all season long. What you didn’t see was the handwriting that filled them out! After each entry was handed to me this season, I continued to be surprised and impressed at the neatness of these boys penmanship! It’s truly a phenomenon.

Here’s an example of my own name printed on a report at work.. just for an example:

Can you read it? Because I barely can, and I wrote it! As someone who regularly sees notes jotted down by adults in the general population, this kind of sloppy lettering is the norm. This is what makes this grouping of handwriting so unique to me!

I wanted to provide you Rebel fans with some of these examples so that you can be as amused and impressed as I have been!

Here you can see Pitcher Kelyn Fox’s neat lettering. These small neat letters seem to be a common theme among the team.

Nic Nolan’s handwriting is not quite so neat, but his characters have kind of an artistic void that makes them interesting to look at. It’s also still very easy to read.

Blake Ebo’s lettering is a little bit larger and more bubbly. It has a youthful feel, but continues to be very neat and even.

I think Jeremiah McCollum and Davis O’Brien may be tied for neatest handwriting overall. They could have own fonts! I’d use them!

A few of our players had more elegant penmanship. These examples come from LT Pare, Jonah Seagears and Logan Morrison. They add a few flourishes to their words, and I appreciate the art of it!

These are just a few examples for you to enjoy. I can’t show you them all, but believe it or not, they were ALL very neat and easy to read, with the possible exception of Sam Prince who’s penmanship I’d describe as “normal”.

It will be interesting to me to see what kind of writers we get next year!

Anna Lawrence